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Increasing Awareness at Crossings: Communities and Cans

<p>Libby Rector Snipe</p>

Libby Rector Snipe, 6-26-2015


A crossing safety blitz at Tri Rail in South Florida.

Operation Lifesaver was proud to participate in the 7th annual International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) on June 3. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but the goal of this day was simple: to increase awareness of the potential dangers present at highway-rail grade crossings.

While it’s difficult to track awareness, or to determine how many lives we’ve saved through our work here at Operation Lifesaver (if anyone has a good way to prove a negative, let me know!), our ILCAD efforts were a success based on the number of engaging, interactive activities in communities across the country.

Twenty-two states held ILCAD events, ranging from positive enforcement blitzes and special safety presentations to officer-on-the-train events. Some states even had designated Operation Lifesaver months and Rail Safety Awareness weeks that tied in to ILCAD. Not to mention that thousands of fliers, brochures, and promotional materials were distributed, featuring both “See Tracks? Think Train!” and general OL safety messages.

At the national level, we launched a new video public service announcement (VPSA) that continues our “See Tracks? Think Train!” safety campaign efforts. The “Can” video demonstrates in a very compelling way the tremendous force of a train hitting a car on the tracks.

We’re asking TV stations across the country to play our VPSA and encouraging our many safety partners and friends to post it on their social media feeds and share it far and wide. Thank you in advance!

The more people who see this video, the more lives we’ll save. And while we may not be able to actually prove that, here’s hoping this year’s crossing incident statistics speak for themselves.

Download broadcast quality VPSA

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