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State Programs – the Lifeblood of Operation Lifesaver

<p>Wende Corcoran</p>

Wende Corcoran, 1-29-2016

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L-R: Margaret Cannell, NC; Tim Hull, MO; OLI President Bonnie Murphy; Nancy Sheehan-McCulloch, CA; Steve Mills, WA Assistant

Earlier this month, state member program leaders who are new to their positions in the past year came to Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI) headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia for professional development training. During the three-day new state coordinator orientation, member program officials from North Carolina, Missouri, California and Washington state learned OL policies and procedures and received training in best practices from veteran state coordinators and OLI staff.

This annual training is essential to the success of OL, not only for the state coordinators to learn how to run successful state-wide programs to help reduce collisions, deaths and injuries around tracks and trains, but also for OLI to develop a strong partnership with the new leadership in each state to ensure a cohesive, effective program across the country. The state member programs truly are the lifeblood of Operation Lifesaver, working every day to further our lifesaving mission, and we at OLI learn so much from these new members of the team about the key safety issues they face in their states and ideas they have for making a difference.

The group also had a chance to meet new OLI President and CEO Bonnie Murphy, who sat in on the training sessions. Reflecting on the orientation, Murphy stated “I am impressed with the passion and expertise these new state coordinators bring to their programs and look forward to working closely with all of the Operation Lifesaver state coordinators to strengthen our national lifesaving efforts.”

Our state coordinators have a broad range of responsibilities, which include managing their state’s annual activities and budget; cultivating critical safety partnerships; recruiting and training authorized volunteers; and coordinating free safety presentations for schools, commercial motor vehicle operators, school bus drivers, law enforcement officials, firefighters and emergency responders and civic leaders.

You can find contact information for Operation Lifesaver in your state and follow them on social media at http://oli.org/state_coordinators/.

Let’s take a moment to thank all of the hardworking Operation Lifesaver state coordinators, who are champions of rail safety in every state across the country. Their efforts truly are making a difference - and saving lives.

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