As the driver of an emergency response vehicle, you wonder how fast you can get to the collision scene, and often, you only have seconds to pick the best route.


To help you minimize driving hazards at highway-rail intersections, and to ensure your personal safety when responding to a rail incident, Operation Lifesaver offers the following informational aids:


e-Learning for First Responders is an interactive program that provides training and information about several scenarios that first responders encounter in incidents at railroad crossings and rail rights-of-way.


Emergency Response: Your Safety First - This Operation Lifesaver video provides key rail safety information for emergency responders. Order this video from one of OL's licensed vendors.

Safety Tips for Emergency Responders offers a quick rail safety refresher for first responders.


Other resources are available from our safety partners at the Federal Railroad Administration:

Rail Safety for Law Enforcement - The Federal Railroad Administration's (FRA) informational video for the law enforcement community, as part of its Grade Crossing Safety & Trespass Prevention program.

Rail Safety for Law Enforcement: Incident Investigation - This FRA informational video brings a clear understanding to law enforcement officers of the challenges associated with investigating highway-rail grade crossing collisions.

Rail Safety for Emergency Response Services - FRA’s informational video for emergency response services as part of its Grade Crossing Safety & Trespass Prevention program. 

Rail Safety for Emergency Dispatchers - The FRA's informational video for emergency dispatchers, a product of the Grade Crossing Safety & Trespass Prevention program.


Additional resources:

Safety Tips for Law Enforcement/First Responders from Federal Railroad Administration

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